Rain of Flowers

Happy Halloween

Date Posted: October 18th, 2010, 11:24 pm

Author Notes

Halloween Flora done with copic marker. approx. 8 hrs.

sorry for the long delay.
I try to finish MYth: A Promise first and then I'll come back to Rain of Flowers.

Please wait for me~~~

read MYth: A Promise here: http://myth.smackjeeves.com/archive/


aww, it's so cute! I loves the way the colors mix together on this one!
so pretty =3
ok, I was wondering why this hasn't been updated in a while, thank you. And Flora does look cute in that. :)
Great picture! Although I'm quite enjoying Myth as well, I can't wait until Rain of Flowers comes back! Best of luck with both your projects.
i love the evil smile the ghost has ^^
Beautiful~! So colourful and bright! :D
awsome i like the little ghosts,wings,fangs, and hair!