Rain of Flowers

Insert: Heatro

Date Posted: August 19th, 2011, 12:06 am

Author Notes

I'm still working on it...>__< a little update with an old drawing...
just to let people know, R.O.F did not get abandoned!
I'm currently working on MYth: A Promise part II.
Once I finish that, I'll work on R.O.F chapter 2~

...unless another MYth idea suddenly hits me and has to be done first TT__TT


I love the color~ x3 And the MYth stories really good, so I don't mind waiting for this to be updated! ^^ I just read the other comics~
Yay and update and first comment!
I'm glad you remembered this
Can't wait for more updates on Myth
Although I love your MYTH comics as well, I almost hope you don't get another idea for awhile because the first chapter of this really hooked me and I'm so excited to see the next one! Beautiful picture as always!
*whimper* I love MYth... but I like this too... its so hard to decided if I want to hope for another MYth (maybe with Hermes or Thanatos? *crosses fingers*) or more R.O.F!! Its soooooo hard to pick!
I love your work, Zelda! ^_^ I can't wait for the next update(s) to this comic and MYth. But I'll be good and wait for the update(s).
A year since last comment. Still there? Can you post something reassuring?