Rain of Flowers

Happy 11th Birthday

Date Posted: January 26th, 2013, 1:36 pm

Author Notes

11th anniversary *still working on MYth A Promise.
R.O.F will be back though...FOR SURE!
Please check out MYth while waiting. Thanks ^w^

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (late) pic to Flora & Rēn

2002 Jan. 25 ~ 2013 Jan. 25
they…they turned 11!!! Orz….How time flies since I created them...Orz
(they're more like around 2~3 yr. old in the story though...)


Oh, my, it's been so long since this comic updated, I thought it had been dumped a while ago. Glad to know you still plan to continue the story eventually.
C'mon, update already.