Rain of Flowers

Chapter 01: Guardian [pg.13]

Date Posted: March 11th, 2010, 9:33 am

Author Notes


XD love the look of the deer.

comment virginity!
LOL love the last panel :D
Waa the little fawn is ADORABLE! xD
I laughted with they too xD
haha that is cute ^_^ however... there is something about to happen... something really bad...
deer in the heaadlights look :3 ...without the headlights...
Love the second and third panel!
the dear is so confused...SO CUTE!!!! <3

I love the kids chibi faces too :D
Bambi! :D
So cute! I love the deer so much!!
you mock a deer you get hurt watch it elf boy!
ahhh im dieing to read more of this. i love your artwork!
I love this story so far, the art, storytelling, and plot (though I don't know much of it so far) is amazing! :D
Lol it's a deer! :D Great story telling! Keep it up! <3
2nd panel great & the deer's wtf look is too much
2nd panel is great. And the 6th(?) one, is <3
The deer look so cute
Watch the deer be some kind of evil shape shifter thingy that attacks them while they're laughing >_>