Rain of Flowers

Chapter 01: Guardian [pg.15]

Date Posted: March 18th, 2010, 1:59 pm

Author Notes


Those kids are adorable! >//w//<

(First? Woaa! xD)
I love the second panel!
Oh gawd...those first two panels are hilarious! They live in an awesome place. What are the creepy shadowy thing at the bottom of the page? Or is that just my imagination?
i see the shadowy things too...can't remember what they remind me of at the moment though...
Ren, you are now officially my hero.
The creepy shadowy things look like caterpillars! 8D
Lol. Ren's fantastic!
oh Ren >LOL< Him and his weird calling voices, adventure...*sighs* yeah I knows that call.^^
hahha i know how u feel little guy adventure calls me evry freakin day!!!!!! *faves comic*