Rain of Flowers

Chapter 01: Guardian [pg.18]

Date Posted: April 13th, 2010, 2:01 am

Author Notes

sorry for the delay... I am trying to work on 3 different comics at the same time.... I guess that's not a good idea....TT__TT
I know it's better (and more efficient) to focus on one, but I am eager to work on the plots of MYth: a promise...! but I also have to finish this chapter of R.O.F .... XD lll

and I am already slacking off with my weekly MADAM updates...>__< (there was a little delay today)

one of the things that distract me from working on my 3 comics is.... I WILL BE SINGING IN A SINGING CONTEST. (don't ask me how that got started. lll)

oh! I am planning to put together a F.A.Q on my dA journal. Feel free to leave a comment with your question if you've got one. ^ ^ (it could be regarding the stories, my works, etc...)



XDDD Epic spanking is epic! <3


Good luck with the song contest, have lots of water! 8D

And for a question.... "How long does it take to make one comic page and what programs do you use to make them?"
I lol'd so hard! xD Fantastic!
Hahahahaha.. this page is so funny!!!!XD
ouch...that looks like quite the spanking XD
is it just me, or is there a dead, smoking something in front of the house? O_O
dead animal I agree with Mohane. What's in front of the house?
Yaaay! They're not in danger yet! ... Sort of. -^__^-
This is so cute!
woot! Called it! But there definetly is a dead monster. 0.o
L O L , I like this comic xD
haha, I thought it was going to be a real monster! xD
Could it be that Silda defeated the monster? And the corpse is left out there...

Anyways great page and good luck with your singing contest!
Ahahaha that's awesome! xD

Good luck with the contest!! =3
As soon as I saw the first panel I thought " HA theres gunna be an ass whoopin'" and then there WAS QWQ xDD
he got what was commin to him LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Ah man, I was totally gonna call that last page!