Rain of Flowers

Chapter 01: Guardian [pg.28]

Date Posted: June 7th, 2010, 1:05 am

Author Notes

Little info about Aräs They glow under the moonlight, which is why Silda forbids them to go out after dark. It's just way too obvious...


Ooo pretty lightssss *touches* o.o lol
well, at least Silda will never be able to lose sight of Ren or Flora...XD
And I can just imagine Silda turning off the lights and using one of them as a flashlight to look for something....XDDDD
wow, so cool, I want to glow like them too xD
so why does Silda not want them to know what they are?
crazygirl - I think it's more that she doesn't want others who might pass by to know what they are.
Nyaw that's cute. They're like sparkly Vampires. -shot-
This page is so beautiful! ^w^
*Pokes them both*

I wanna shine like them! D:
Ooooooh! 8D So purty! lol no wonder Silda wants them to stay inside. Two glowing kids=easy target.