Rain of Flowers

Chapter 01: Guardian [pg.36]

Date Posted: July 11th, 2010, 12:08 pm

Author Notes


SILDA!!! THANK GOD!!! ;--;
YAY! There won't be a kiddie meal today people!! <3 Kill that mutated worm!! >;O
Yay!! Silda saved the day! :3
Hopefully she doesn't get hurt or worse protecting them because that'd suck and fill him with much guilt.

But she's gonna so ground them for the rest of their lives when this is all over.
I knew it I knew it! She came to the rescue! ;3 hahaaa
Silda! You're the best! Awesome! 8D

but Ren, you're probably dead after she defeats that worm;
God, you art is so beautiful, the kids looks so cute, Ren reminds me of a character my friend made.
once silda has saved them ren is in for it!
I knew she was a Ninja all along D8<
-I say that because she pops up all epicly-
silda your the best!!!
SILDA! thank god you're there...
Ninja powers save the day once again - u -
Yay for Silda! She may be overprotective but she's actually secretly a Kick-A ninja!
YAY! *cheers*
You have a beautiful art style, and I look forward to seeing what happens in this story.