Rain of Flowers

Things didn't go as planned...Orz
November 23rd, 2014, 11:42 am
*sigh... the super long hiatus of R.O.F

I said I was coming back to this after MYth: A Promise, but at the time I didn't know after completion of A Promise, story of Hera had to follow... then the parallel story on birth of Athena had to be done, and now I got the story of Hephaestus to finish. All these are like one big story, so I wasn't able to stop half way. T__T

R.O.F is a very important project to me, so for sure I won't abandon it. I just need to find a good pausing point in the MYth series...@_@

My most sincere appreciation and apology to those still looking forward to reading R.O.F.

I will definitely continue working on this. Thank you!