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February 15th, 2010, 6:04 pm

Long ago, a race called Aräs used to co-exist with Human and Wizard in The World. There was a miserable war that broke out between Aräs and the Wizards. The war eventually ended when the Aräs took away sorcery powers of the Wizards and disappeared from The World. From then on, Aräs became a mythical creature to the later generations. They were forgotten by Human, and hated by the Wizards.

Silda was one of the very few Wizard descendants who could still perform sorcery. She lived away from people, alone in the forest to conceal her power. Silda had nothing to worry about in her life. None except two little ones named Rēn and Flora. She had to protect them from all the unfriendly elements in The World, because they were different...

Because they didn't belong to The World.



This story sounds really good. :) I also like the art, I really love your art, haha, I can't emphasize that more.
~yay~ i really do love all your drawings!!!!!some parts are funny indeed!!!!your drawing is way better than the other artists!!!!!!gambateh!!!!!!>w<
OHH OHH OHHH!!!!! *wishes she had money to order it*
WHUT?!?! NOOOOO! I already love this comic! I just wish you'd continue it!

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